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Founded '22


Arcane [ahr-keyn]: known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric.

Collaboratory:  Collaborate + Laboratory


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"My vision for Arcane Collaboratory is to create a multidimensional community where the 5 senses are the powerful foundation to creation. SIGHT, SOUND, TASTE, SMELL, and TOUCH become the fuel to artistic innovation. A space where different forms of art, fashion, and interiors collaborate." -Michelle Sylvestri-Founder




With over a decade in the fashion industry, Michelle has seen almost every facet of the industry from personal styling, retail, and even owning her own fashion boutique. Inspired by personal growth and R&B, she brings an aesthetic to everything she does. From her morning coffee, to her home decor and her editorial styling, Michelle brings art to life. Fashion was her passion from a young age where in Kindergarten one of her most prized possessions was a structured blazer. She took that dream throughout her career and is now the proud founder of Arcane Collaboratory- a studio space that hosts local artists and artisans as well as a meeting space for local creatives. It is a space to express, collaborate and feel understood. The space is an expression of her interior decor style - a mix of industrial, brutalist, meets modern. 


This is not just a space to dream- it is a space to meet others and collaborate to take action and make it a reality. Inspired by being a multi-passionate creative, she created what she could not find herself. 


This is for creatives igniting the five senses. Welcome!

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